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Graffiti is a New Art Form

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5 You're driving down the road and you're stopped by a train. As you sit watching the train cars go by, you notice that each car is covered with spray paint. Most of the paint jobs are people's names, people's gang signs, or just a jumble of letters and numbers. Often these paint jobs are messy and one color. If you're in a more populated area, they will be two to three colors and take over most of the car. This is what most people know as graffiti; however, the art of graffiti has grown up and become something more than just kids with a spray paint cans.

New artists raising graffiti to an art form

With the rise of the graffiti craze, there are many real artists who discovered a new medium to use to create their art. The spray paint can has merely become a different way to express themselves. These graffiti artist have been hired to paint entire sides of buildings and street murals in many areas. These great pieces of art ordain some of the major cities landscapes and are murals of the people and the culture of the area. There are also many businesses that have happily begun to have these artists paint walls and the outside of their shops.

Guerrilla graffiti art in major cities

There's also a rising group of very talented artists that are using the old sneaky tactics and creating beautiful art around the cities at the dead of night. People wake up one day to a wall that has been painted to look like an undersea paradise or a beautiful botanical garden. 

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