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How Street Artists Gain Recognition

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The street artists are becoming a lot more well known. There are an assortment of artists that have been able to paint and establish a name for themselves. There are many people that buy the artwork of these artists because this is graffiti that they cannot find anywhere else. It is rugged and raw. It has become something that people crave because it is the type of thing that can transform a room. This is not the type of art that is found in a gallery. It is the type of art that is often found in urban spots because it is represents some type of aspect of the culture.

Graffiti Gains Popularity Because Celebrities Endorse It

The street artists of today are getting a lot of buzz because there is a movement from the celebrities. Chris Brown showed off his love for graffiti by naming an album "Graffiti" with off his own artwork.

There certainly are a lot of people that are embracing street art by putting up murals of the deceased. Even though they have been dead for years, there are lots of street art paintings for people like Tupac and Biggie Smalls. They have become hip-hop icons. Graffiti has shown up in old abandoned buildings in New York and Los Angeles. This has made graffiti take off and rise to another level.

How Street Artists Gain Recognition

The street artist has been gaining a lot of recognition just by putting up their art up in places where lots of people can bare witness to this art. This happens all the time with social media. A person may have drawings that have been discussed on YouTube and Instagram. Millions of people can become fans of a street artist just because the artist has social media buzz with fans.

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