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Street Art

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Street artists are known as many things some good some bad but something that remains common is that they are becoming more and more common as time goes on. The reason that street art and street artist is becoming more and more common is because it is one way that artists can get their work seen by a lot of people and have their work appreciated by many.

Other reasons are not so noble but very understandable considering the ever rising prices of art supplies, and how competitive and expensive both schools and galleries have gotten making it hard for the average artist to get any work seen and out there. But also with rising prices all the way around and artists having a hard time finding steady work many times it makes it hard to be able to afford all of the supplies to make the art and thus much of the time it comes to the point where they can afford part of the supplies and thus can find the rest of what they need out in the world to use to make their art which is where a lot of the street art is born. Though not everybody likes it street art is slowly becoming more and more common and a true part of the culture as it is appreciated and even done completely intentionally regardless of money or other circumstances due to the profound interest and beauty that people see and get from the art itself.

So though there are many different types of art one that is becoming more and more prominent is street art and that is for many reasons some which are great and a sign of progression to many and others are not so great but are completely understandable in this world. 

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