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Graffiti is considered vandalism to most people. However, depending on whom you ask you will realize that some people views graffiti as a beautiful work of art. Graffiti ids considered vandalism because it is considered destruction of property when someone spray paints or draws on public walls and buildings. Anything including fences, trains, trash cans, can be spray painted. You can find graffiti art sprayed on anything and you can find it everywhere throughout the world. Graffiti is considered art street art culture that has been noticed more throughout recent years.

When most people think of graffiti they think of run down building and gang tags that consist of mostly words and numbers. However, although some people consider this graffiti it is not considered art. The most beautiful pictures displayed on building that you have seen are graffiti sand you probably didn't realize it. Graffiti can come in beautiful murals that usually tell a story or a thought of some kind. Murals can range from different view points and even make valid points about politics. For some, graffiti is the only way to express the inner thoughts of political or controversial issues. It is a way to portray thoughts into an art form. Graffiti has been seen more now than ever on comparison to recent years. Look around when you are out and about and Moore then likely you will find graffiti somewhere nearby. Possibly your local neighborhood or park has graffiti. Masked surest you enjoy the beautiful murals of graffiti.

Read more information at the street artist website.

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