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Evolution Of Graffiti

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From vandalism to the pulse of the city

Street art was originally dubbed "graffiti" and it was considered more criminal than artistic. These "artists" used various paints and sprays to ensure that the walls of their cities were lined with visions straight from the mind of its most visionary residents. Unfortunately the police saw this as vandalism. Today, cities almost welcome these public statements that add personality and flavor to the city. Sometimes the images still offend but even law-abiding cities now see great use in wall murals and other forms of street art that can line the walls of a city during its most celebrated moments.

Hire artists to do your work

If you want to accent a particular part of your city and have public permission to do so, some of the greatest street artists in the world will be happy to clutter up your walls with their unique brand of art. Some of these artists have created famous and infamous images while others remain anonymous and quietly do their work for you. It's possible to commission them for their works of art and create your unique vision for whatever event you need. If you're working in a building that needs a bit of personality and you welcome this type of art, contact a street artist to adorn the sidewalks and walls of your street with the kind of art that lasts a lifetime. It's art that becomes a sort of home to those who live within the walls of the city you reside in. 

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