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Graffiti Art

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Graffiti Art

Graffiti art can be beautiful art that portrays a political statement, a murals, or beautiful art prices. Sometimes it can be a combination of a mural or political statement. Graffiti art is considered a valid form of self expression to soon while to others it is considered a form of vandalism. Legally, all graffiti art is considered vandalism unless the artist has permission from the business owner. Most business owners consider any type of graffiti a form of vandalism and thinks that it deters customers and makes their business look unsightly.

Most graffiti is colorful and very expressive. Some graffiti artists use stencils when it comes to making murals or bigger pictures. The graffiti artists place the stencil against the way and spray paint in to make it easier to complete a larger area and design. Spray paint is the most commonly used paint when it comes to graffiti art. An artist who gets caught spraying graffiti art can end up facing criminal punishment including probation, fines, community service, and even imprisonment.

This is why most graffiti artists refuse to sign their work and when they do they don't use their real name. They use a nickname, symbol, or nothing at all. This is because most graffiti is done on an unauthorized surface within a public area usually a business building. I believe graffiti art can be considered art if it doesn't use any vulgar language and is done in an appropriate manner and of course with permission. Do you know where any graffiti art is?

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