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Street Art: Real Art

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Street Art: Real Art

Street Art: Real Art

Museums are wonderful venues that show you the masterpieces of famous artists. You can read about all of the artwork displayed by prominent and well-schooled professionals. But some of the most authentic and raw works you can find are right in your very own neighborhood.

Street artists are sometimes the most talented individuals you will ever come across. They may not have had the access to the education, marketing, exposure, and training that other artists may have been fortunate enough to have, but they are still strong enough and brave enough to display their talent for all the world to see.

Their productions can include a chalk masterpiece on a sidewalk, a junk metal sculpture, mosaic tiling, stenciling, or an acrylic or watercolor masterpiece on a blank wall.

The artists' reasoning behind their works may include a protest to some issue, support for another, a form of self-expression, a method of making a statement, or a manner in which to convey an important message. Some schools have even hired well-known street artist to paint and write motivational messages to their impressionable students.

Some of their art utilizes the the most basic of materials such as chalk, spray paint, watercolors, abandoned and discarded items, or broken tile as many of these artists do not have the funds to purchase the supplies and equipment that most professionals may have access to.

There is some argument as to whether graffiti can be categorized as street art as it is a form of vandalism, but I think we all have seen striking artistic renditions in the most unexpected of places.

The work of a street artist is real. It comes from the heart and special attention should be given to the message it sends or the often stark and realistic beauty that it displays.

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Low Check Kian 06/01/2015 10:44

Its a real masterpiece made by a professional artist. It's an exceptional art work.Beautiful post.Keep it up.

gallery peterhart 06/01/2015 08:34

Cheers! You have really allured me; I have no words to explain my feelings about your post.