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Can You Have a Career as a Graffiti Artist?

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Nowadays, artists do not just think about having a career as a commercial artist or a painter, being a graffiti artist is also one thing they now aspire to. If you are good at art, and love to draw and paint, can you also have a career as a graffiti artist?

Graffiti art is popular -- Once upon a time, graffiti art was only seen on walls, doorways and buildings around town, in areas where people were not allowed to paint. Nowadays, however, being a graffiti art has become a legitimate art form with artists all over the world creating legal art work with their skills.

Graffiti art now sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a graffiti artist can often be in demand with large corporations who want a graffiti artist to create their new advertising campaign. So, yes, you can have a career as a graffiti artist.

How to become a graffiti artist -- If this truly is the career you want, one of the best ways to get started with it is to take art classes or to go to art school. While graffiti art is all about finding your own style and painting your own way, it is also a good idea to learn basic art skills as these will improve your graffiti skills.

Get to know other graffiti artists -- If you want to be a graffiti artist, get to know other graffiti artists and learn from them. Not only can they help you improve your skills, but you will also meet interesting people who will also have tips about getting into graffiti art as a career. 

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