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Graffiti Art

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There has been a heated debate on whether graffiti art is truly art or vandalism. The challenge is being able to distinguish the difference between the two entities. As art is a form of self expression and through this expression, artists have demonstrated their abilities to spread their own personal messages.

Matter Of Opinions

Everyone has their own opinion on this topic and as the old saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." There are many talented graffiti artists who showcase their artwork for the world to see on subway cars, fences and brick walls. Some even scale water towers to display their art.


Over recent years, graffiti has become recognized as an art from and has been displayed in art galleries. It has transformed from scribbling on the side of a subway car to full wall murals. Markers have been replaced by paint and stencils. Additionally,the message has also changed over time. No longer is it simply a person's name. The messages have become symbolic of a community or possess a political sense. A very famous artist by the name of Banksy, has had his art displayed in many famous galleries to include Sotherbys. Though this British artist has anonymity, his art work has been bought several celebrities to include Brad Pitt.

Graffiti is no longer looked upon as a criminal act known as vandalism. Through their art, many artists are trying to spread the message of love, hope and unity. Through the artist's eyes, we can see beauty that we may have never seen. 

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